Friday, May 04, 2007

Insert obligatory sheep joke here

Well it's been a while since I highlighted a new band on here, basically because there hasn't been that much new stuff that has pushed my buttons. So when finally something came along that did just that, it really made me sit up and notice. And it was doubly surprising when it turned out the band comes from New Zealand, not exactly known as a hotbed of cutting edge rock.

Motocade are that band, and their new EP Into the Fall has been on heavy rotation here for the last couple of weeks. And I mean heavy rotation. I know some people think it's really lazy just comparing one band with others to give you an idea of what they sound like, so I won't. But it's no coincidence that their top MySpace friends include Tokyo Police Club :D . Seriously though, if you like TPC you are certain to love this, so have a listen.

Visit their MySpace page to hear four songs, or alternatively download two of them as band-approved high-quality MP3s here:
Bomb Squad
My Friends

and here's the video for Bomb Squad:

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