Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blogged to death but I don't care

Jared and the boys from Bel Auburn have been blitzing us bloggers with links to the band's new album, Lullabies in A & C. Coz of course, as you are probably aware, there have been quite a few bands who've leaped from obscurity to major (indie) success after being championed by blogs, message boards, podcasters and the various other new media outlets which have sprung up on the internet in the past few years. And who knows, with a bit of luck your band could be the next Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Tapes 'n Tapes or (gasp) Arctic Monkeys to ride a tidal wave of blog hype to relative megastardom.

Unfortunately there's one very important thing a lot of the bands sending round MP3 links and begging for your kind attention are lacking, and which thankfully Bel Auburn have got in bucketloads. And that's the tunes, maaan. Yes, it's a piece of piss to put together a shimmering 24-track demo in your bedroom these days, but if it doesn't grab the listener's ear nobody's going to hear it, beyond say the first track.

So yes, Bel Auburn are a ray of light in amongst all the bands currently shlepping their music around the blogs. It's indie rock which is widescreen without veering over the top like so many of the bands around at the moment. And it's got an indefinable spark - you know, when a track gives you 'butterflies'. Can I call it the butterfly effect? Could be apt, really - a handful of emails sent in America create major ripples the other side of the world...

Anyway, please have a listen to the tracks below, then go on over to the band's site and find some more downloads, photos and stuff, buy a t-shirt, buy the album for a friend, go and see them on tour - tell them Jim sent you:
Bel Auburn - Metropolitan (Watercolor)
Bel Auburn - Blind Ward
Bel Auburn - Just Love

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flugger said...

I like this Bel Auburn, it's definitely not like a lot of the drivel that makes the blog rounds. Nice soft feel to it...relaxing...but well put together.