Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turn on. Tune in. Get blown away.

TV On the Radio's second album, 'Return to Cookie Mountain', has leaked, and first impressions are that this will sweep all before it. It's a massive soundclash of styles, impossible to pigeonhole yet utterly New York-ian, a riot of distorted guitars, sound collage and falsetto-Mick-Jagger vocals.

A certain D. Bowie also lends his vocal backing on one song (Province).

It is one of those albums that picks you up, takes you on a 50-minute emotional rollercoaster ride and leaves you reeling.

If you haven't got them already, buy their first EP and album and get yourself prepared, this is going to be one of the albums of the year.

Here are some tasters:
Blues From Down Here [mp3]
A Method [mp3]
I Was a Lover [mp3]


lastknowngood said...

I fell completely in love with the first record. I can't wait to hear the complete new one.
Great Post

c said...

thanks for the new songs....

Anonymous said...

Thx for these tracks! Very cool, and the new album should be great by the sound of things.

I've read in a few other places that (some) of these leaked TVOTR tracks are unmastered...anyone confirm/heard anything about this?

Jim el Buho said...

I think that's either misinformation or unfounded rumour. You've listened to them, do you think they need any improvement?