Saturday, January 07, 2006

My tips for 2006 - part 1

OK so now I've had the chance to read everyone else's tips and I can cherrypick my own ... not quite the point, I hear you say, but that's exactly what plenty of other bloggers and journos seem to have been doing. And how much insight do you really need to predict that Arctic Monkeys are going to be massive?

So it might look like lazy journalism (not to mention partisanism, considering my links to the city) to predict that a few others from the Sheffield scene will break through this year, but the fact is that the ground is currently very fertile in that particular corner of South Yorkshire.

The five bands most likely to make it, in my opinion, are Little Man Tate (pictured) [mp3], The Long Blondes [mp3], Bromhead's Jacket [mp3], Milburn [mp3] and (long shot this one) Bhuna [mp3].


Anonymous said...

Definately sound tips for 2006, though can't help but think that Bromheads Jacket don't quite have the songs to make it as far as Arctic Monkeys have. Also surely The Harrisons are a glaring omission? I reckon The Long Blondes are the best of that bunch.

Simon, Doncaster
(Surely it's time Doncaster produced a decent band?!)

Jim el Buho said...

I don't think any of these are going to make it as far as the Monkeys, they have achieved unique levels of popularity!

At the time I wrote this I hadn't heard of the Harrisons, but by February I had - see my profile of them here